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MCU Ranked: #2 Black Panther

Mike: Expansion of a classic character with an amazing supporting cast. Great visuals and story. Story sticks with you. Oh yeah, also the 3 highest grossing movie of all-time.


Jesse: Visually beautiful. Excellent characters. A kick-ass soundtrack. Some of the most ‘on the edge of your seat’ (literally for me at some points) action sequences. Easily my favorite MCU movie.

Sam: One of the most compelling stories of the MCU. A movie about changing times during a period in the real world where it is indeed changing in very many ways. Not only is this movie about a superhero, but about a leader and a king whose morals and will power not only need to guide himself, but an entire nation. This is a dynamic that has not been seen in MCU till this point and it was laid out perfectly. Not to mention one of the most flushed out villain stories in the MCU.

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