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The Riddler Seems to Have Run Out of Riddles

One of Batman’s most cunning and intelligent adversaries, The Riddler is known for his namesake schtick: he plans crimes and tempts Batman to stop him by providing riddles to stop his crimes. The two have had a long standing feud with the Batman defeating the crazed villain time and time again.

Lately however it seems as if Riddler has lost his edge.

In the past The Riddler has come up with some of the most difficult and mind bending puzzles, so much so that at times the Batman had seemed almost completely stumped. His last few public broadcasts seem like he has lost his interest in the whole affair though.

“Riddle me this Batman,” one of his latest announcements began. “What is wet, winding, and rhymes with liver? You’ll find the police commissioner there.”

Even the least interested Gothamite was able to figure this out in seconds.

“Really dude? It’s a [expletive] river,” said local street food vendor and high school dropout Billy Thrumb. “Are you even trying anymore?”

Things only seemed to be going downhill with his next ‘riddle’ being delivered in a bored voice throughout the city.

“Riddle me this I guess. The zoo. I’m at the zoo. Just come here, I’ve got the mayor.”

In an extremely rare occurrence Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale managed to ask the Dark Knight his thoughts about this new attitude of his adversary.

“It’s a little disheartening,” reports Vale quoting Batman. “Like, is it me? Am I boring him? Did his puppy die recently? I’m a little concerned about him.”

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