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Gorilla Grodd Accidentally Kept in Gorilla Enclosure at Central City Zoo

The staff at the Central City Zoo eagerly awaited their newest addition to arrive: a gorilla rescued from excessive poaching efforts in Africa. Upon his arrival, the gorilla was brought to the enclosure and slowly acclimated to his new surroundings upon which the gorilla seemed incredibly confused and a little agitated. The staff didn’t realize that they did not in fact have a rescued gorilla from Africa but rather the dastardly Gorilla Grodd.

Grodd, one of The Flash’s most vicious villains, was a gorilla that had been experimented on resulting in the beast gaining telepathic abilities and an inclination to destroy the human race. It is unclear how this mix-up occurred but the staff at the zoo seem happy to have him there.

“He’s been such a saint since being here,” said Mitchell O’Connor, director of the primate exhibit at the zoo. “I mean sure, there’s been a bit of a rough acclimation period but that’s fairly normal. There’s been a few fights here and there and it almost seems like he’s able to communicate on a deeper level with the others, maybe even rallying them to something, but that’s probably just in our heads.”

When asked about the possibility of this gorilla being the infamous Gorilla Grodd, the director adamantly denied it.

“Gorilla Grodd is excessively aggressive. That’s just not how our Pickles has been.”

On the subject of any strange, potentially telepathic, occurrences happening, the director shrugged anything odd as just something in their head and nothing to worry about.

At this instant a giant crash was heard as the wall broke down with Gorilla Grodd/Pickles appearing where he spoke directly to our minds.

“Oh my god I can’t take this anymore,” Grodd/Pickles said. “This place is pure hell. The constant ogling from drooling and screaming children. The regimented food schedule. I came here to recruit more gorillas to our cause but this isn’t worth it!” Grodd/Pickles then ran off into the night.

“Oh Pickles,” O’Connor crooned. “Always up to his little hijinks.”

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