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What It Takes to Care For Lockjaw, the Royal Dog

Caring for a dog is a lot of work. Even more so when that dog is an Inhuman. Such is the case with the Inhuman Royal Family. Dogs are caring, compassionate creatures but they also have fun-loving, playful personalities and they don’t even possess Lockjaw’s abilities. To help ease the large burden of responsibility, the Royal Family split the duties for caring for the dog and the Twisted Cape has exclusively found out who handles what part of the dog’s caretaking for our animal loving audience.

Crystal is the member of the family that Lockjaw is most attached to. He is frequently by her side. He sleeps in her room and is most protective of her. She handles his normal daily care like brushing his hair and teeth as well as his feeding. This can be difficult with a teleporting dog who may be feeling playful.

Triton naturally handles his bathing. Being fishlike in nature helps him accomplish his task. They often teleport to a hot spring where Lockjaw frolics and plays before getting clean.

Gorgon can often be seen wrestling and playing with Lockjaw. He’s likely the only member of the royal family who can roughhouse properly with such a massive dog. Additionally, with his incredible canine jaw strength, only Gorgon can keep up with him.

Karnak routinely checks Lockjaw for any kind of weakness, which acts as an interesting type of vet. Lockjaw needs to be sedated, as he hates any kind of doctor visit.

Finally, there’s the matter of his poops. What goes up must come down, and what goes in must eventually come out. Walking duties need to be split up between a couple of people to keep it fair.

Medusa is allergic to dogs, so she is with Lockjaw a minimal amount of time. Blackbolt and Maximus are the primary dog walkers. They are frequently seen with large garbage bags full of poop. Very large bags that require a fireman’s carry. While Blackbolt routinely grimaces, Maximus is gleeful with laughter.

This look inside the Royal Family’s life is brought to you by the Twisted Cape.

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