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Flash Late to JLA Press Conference

As the press piled into the Hall of Justice, all league members were present aside from one glaring absence: the Flash.

According to sources, the Flash was last seen in Idaho “picking away at his foot” and stomping his foot “heel first on the ground.”

Days later, we were able to catch up with “the fastest man alive” about the incident, and he had this to say:

“You know how hard it is to get a rock out of the shoe of a unisuit? It’s god damned near impossible, even with super-speed. Ugh, hold on...”

That was all the TC was able to gather before the Flash took off in a brilliant flash of yellow… before the Flash ran back to add this:

“Mr. Terrific just said that we will be looking into adding detachable boots to my costume to assure this never happens again.”

Sources are now speculating whether or not the boots will slow down “the fastest man alive” and if this one time occurrence is even worth reporting. More to come as the situation progresses…

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