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The Question Leaves Thousands Homeless, Simultaneously Opens Job Market

After reportedly joining the ranks of the JLA, the vigilante known as “The Question” is using his newfound fame to market the hero’s new board-game, “Question Life”, which is now being called “the longest game to never win”, and according to one player, Tom Gaff, the game has “taken over my life.”

The TC was able to catch up to Gaff in order to talk about the new game and had this to say:

“I started playing one night with me and a couple of buddies. The player limit is none, which we were really confused by, and the time limit is conspicuously not listed, which is something we are currently looking into. At first, my friends and I thought we were getting into a nice board game like every Friday night. But then, someone read a question card that said ‘Where did the news get the news from?’. After that, we were balls deep in conspiracy theories that even led us to find out that no one knows where this game is even produced.”

Reportedly, thousands of new players are joining every day, and, as a result, the job market is currently booming, leaving the once-employed conspiracy theorists without pay, and now, in many cases, without homes. When asked about the popularity and effect of this new game, the Question declined the question which ended any further lines of questioning about the Question’s game, Question Life. Sources are currently looking into how this happened, and the TC will be following this closely…

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