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Doctor Strange Places the Sanctum Sanctorum on the Market

Doctor Strange, the self-titled ‘Sorcerer Supreme,’ has placed his Greenwich Village mansion on the housing market. The mansion, dubbed the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum,’ is a luxurious building in the middle of Manhattan and is most easily recognizable by the large stained glass window at the top. His suggested list price? $3 million.

“This is a place of intense magic and history,” says Strange when asked about the rather hefty price tag. “The building also comes with a big responsibility to both the physical and spiritual worlds.”

Strange received a nasty shock when his real estate broker broke the news about the real value of the property. “I’d say at best the place is worth $200,000, maybe $250,000,” says Wilson Hardy, Strange’s broker. “The only reason I’d even give it that much is because it’s in some prime real estate in the heart of The Village.”

When asked why the stunning mansion was worth so little, Hardy revealed some information about the mansion’s interior. “The place is an absolute nightmare,” he claims. “There’s all sorts of creatures roaming about, the entire mansion is a labyrinth of hallways and interdimensional portals, but most heinous of all is that some of the interior decorating could use some work.”

“It’s frankly an insult,” responded Strange. “This place is the only thing keeping the physical and metaphysical worlds from collapsing. Sure the place can be a bit difficult to navigate, to be fair I haven’t seen Wong in weeks after he went to go find a bathroom, but that’s part of the charm of the place.”

We asked Strange why he was even moving in the first place and he claims that it wasn’t his decision. “We had a new magical entity move in a couple weeks back and it’s been driving me insane. Constantly wailing and complaining about this or that. I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried everything in my arsenal to make it leave but it won’t. Combine that with the outrageous property taxes and it’s just easier to move altogether.”

So far there has been no interest from the public in purchasing the mansion.


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